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Traditional fresh baguette! 

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Lan Hue Bakery has been serving Banh Mi over the last 40 years.

Our uncle Mon Tat, the founder and his younger brother Ha Tat (my father) opened the first store on April 12, 1976 in Vietnam. Today it’s located on 503-505 Cách Mạng Tháng 8 (formally Lê Văn Duyệt). 

Following the family recipes, Uncle Mon served the hard working class from early mornings to the late night shifts.

They came for his crafted Lan Hue Bakery seasoned delicatessen meats.


Our banh mi sandwiches are crafted with freshly baked baguette which we makes in-house. You can even view the process of making them through our glass viewing window inside our store. 

Aside from the baguette, we also makes our own pâté, balogna, and mayonnaise. 


Our founder and executive baker has passion for serving others.

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"Tat and his relatives build sandwiches from scratch, in homage to the family's banh mi shop in Saigon."

— Seattle Met

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1. Grilled Beef

2. Grilled Chicken

3. Grilled Pork

4. Grilled Meatballs

5. BBQ Pork

6. Special - Jambon, Pork Brawn, Pork Bologna and Pâté

7. Jambon, Pork Brawn and Pâté

8. Jambon and Pâté

9. Pork Brawn and Pâté

10. Pork Bologna and Pâté

11. Shredded chicken

12. Pork Belly

13. Pork Meatball with Tomato Sauce

14. Fish with Tamto Sauce

15. Shredded Pork and Skin

16. Tofu

17. Shredded Pork & Tofu